Part 2 Fatigue, exhaustion & overwhelm

Part 2 on Fatigue, overwhelm & exhaustion…. In my last article I was looking at the connection between the nervous system and chronic fatigue. For me, that’s a great place to start addressing this common malady. But if you need to look further for a cause, let’s explore other angles. I often get asked about […]

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Fatigue, overwhelm & exhaustion….

Part 1 Fatigue, overwhelm & exhaustion…. These are such common words in our world today. Many people pretend to be okay, keeping up appearances. Taking pride in being super busy and doing lots. But just under the surface, there’s often a coolness. Chronic exhaustion. This is not the first time I write about fatigue (perhaps […]

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Our Clinical Team at Heping Li Hospital

My Time in China

After completing my studies at the Academy of Oriental Medicine (UK), I had the opportunity to travel to China for my clinical practise for acupuncture. I was so excited and absolutely petrified at the same time. I was due to spend the coldest time of winter (more…)

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